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Great Listener And Powerful Suggestions

After working with Cynthia Myers-Morrison, I have gradually modified my food plan. I eat fewer products made with white flour & sugar and I eat more fruits and vegetables. I also walk more and sleep better.

Cynthia is very knowledgeable, supportive and nonjudgemental. I found it easy to talk with Cynthia because she is a great listener and authentically shares her own experiences. Cynthia truly understands and can, therefore, make suggestions that are do-able.

Cynthia is the consummate professional! She guided me through the SUGAR assessment with such ease and elegance. It was so apparent how amazingly invested and knowledgeable she is in the field of food addiction. She exuded gentleness, kindness and compassion from beginning to end and that was of utmost importance to me. THANK YOU Cynthia!

Unflagging Support And Kindness

I have been helped in so many ways by Cynthia Myers-Morrison to become abstinent from the foods that created cravings in me, such as sugar and grains. Before Cynthia educated me on the problem of grains for many people, I was truly ignorant of the addictive power grains had in my life. I had been struggling with sugar since I was a young child and did not make the connection with grains until after many discussions with Cynthia. She pointed me to the support system I needed to remain abstinent from sugar and grains (for 14 years now!) and also supported me through our many conversations around these addictive substances. Her unflagging support and kindness helped me enormously. I am still connected to her around these issues and have benefited enormously by her compassion, wisdom, and knowledge of food addiction.

Generous Spirit and Heart

Cynthia is passionate about helping people recover from food addiction. She is such a support, cheer leader, and lioness to help you create a food plan and live a life of integrity and joy in recovery. She is a wealth of information and resources. She is such an inspiration!

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