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The article published in the International Journal of Integrative Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine, V8, 2023, cites research concerning the maternal and paternal impact of obesity at conception on the subsequent health of the offspring. It paints a nightmarish future in terms of suffering and out-of-control healthcare spending. Consequences of parental obesity on the offspring include obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, stroke, and premature death.

Dr. Myers-Morrison advocates for potential parents and donors to be at optimal weight and health prior to conception to change the world health outcomes. Having remained abstinent from consuming alcohol for over 51 years and grains and sugar for 24 years, Dr. Myers-Morrison has devoted her career to studying sugar/food addiction. As an internationally certified Food Addiction Professional, she helps others find solutions to their addictions by assessing psychological and physiological factors and recommending and offering support. An expert in her chosen field, Dr. Myers-Morrison is the author of "THE FIX for Cravings: One(S) That Didn't Work, and Now One Which WORKS."

About The Journal
The International Journal of Integrative Pediatrics and Environmental Medicine (ISSN: 2368-4275), is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal with a growing reputation for quality, sustained from 2014 that publishes original research, reviews, case reports, and letters focused on the interactions between children and their physical and psychological environment.


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