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After completing the SUGAR® Assessment, Cynthia offers personalized, one-on-one recovery coaching.


Working together, you will co-create an individualized program focused on your goals, budget, schedule and preferences.


The listed price is just a suggestion – your actual cost for this program will be determined with Cynthia, who will work with you to identify the appropriate schedule, timing and cost based on your preferences, frequency and appropriate program.

Food Addiction Coaching

  • Sessions may occur via Online, telephone, email or a combination to provide the most effective guidance and support for your recovery.

  • Many people suffer from obsession with food and eating behaviors including dieting, overeating, undereating, bingeing and purging and/or constantly thinking about food and weight loss/gain without recognizing that these behaviors could be symptoms of addiction.

    You no longer have to continue in pain alone without hope for a life free of suffering from maladaptive behaviors. You can be free of self-judgement and shame.

    Working with a professional food addiction coach, who is trained in the counseling and treatment of addiction to food, you will develop new habits, perspectives, and ways to manage your relationship with food, eating and yourself.

    The focus is on the prevention of addictive behavior around food by learning to prepare food in advance, plan ahead of situations where you will be surrounded by food you don't eat, family and social events, and managing a new life style around recovery from food addiction on a meal to meal and daily basis.

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