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The Customized Food Plan is a structured, personalized guide developed for your personal recovery and healing from your past history of eating based on your SUGAR assessment and Genogram discovery.


Once your food plan is personalized for you, you will learn how to organize your life to support your healthy eating, self-nurturing and maintain your abstinence from the substances that cause maladaptive eating and addictive behavior.

Customized Food Plan

  • Sessions may occur via Online, telephone, email or a combination to provide the most effective guidance and support for your recovery.

  • From H. Theresa Wright

    What does a really good food plan look like?

    It fits you like your favorite pair of sneakers. It supports your body, mind and spirit and carries you safely over rough territory. It does not pinch or inhibit you. No, it may not be as fashionable as your favorite pair of dress heels, but that is not its purpose. It is not supposed to make you feel constricted, like a men’s tie that is just too tight. It is not supposed to make you feel bound up like a straitjacket.

    A good food plan feels balanced and comfortable. It meets the body’s nutrient needs. It provides enough food that you are hungry for perhaps ten minutes before mealtime and satisfied afterwards. It takes out all the foods that activate your self-destructive eating behaviors and gives you solid, satisfying food instead. It’s not a restrictive diet or a free for all binge. It’s ENOUGH.

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